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Definition of a friend

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Describing a friend
The term friend is taken from a German word “freogan” which means to be favored (Lou et al 6829). People have friends of many types and this makes personal definitions of friends vary from a person to another. Some may consider friends to be people they can count on in their lives while others might consider friends in relation to tasks such as work, school or in terms of games they play together or a place they fellowship together. This paper will describe who a friend is and the different types of friends.
There are some characters which show that people are friends. For instance, they assist each other in times of need like giving each other rides, giving financial assistance and such assistances (Lou et al 6829). They also steer each other in the right way and listen to each other’s problems. They offer pieces of advice to each other and possibly encourage each other when going through hard times or in matters which are tricky.
Other people friends are at school, workplace or personal activities. People create relationships in their daily activities as they interact with others and make relationships (Lou et al 6830). In this; they assist each other in activities they share like school assignments, class work and consulting each other. Friends of this kind are just people who one knows to be going through the same motion as him or her and whom they value and can learn from their experi…

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