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Define “parliamentary system” & “presidential system” and explain fully why you believe the USA would/is better with our current governmental system or whether the USA should change to a parliamentary system.

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Parliamentary & Presidential System
A system of government that incorporates both the Legislature and Executive branches in a way that the Legislature gives the Executive branches their legitimacy is known as a Parliamentary system. On the other hand, a system of government where the President gives direction to the Executive branches as both the head of government and head of the state is known as presidential system. Moreover, in presidential system the Executive branches and the legislature work separately under normal circumstances. To understand both presidential and parliamentary system is important in explaining fully why one believes the USA would/is better with its current governmental system or whether it should change to a parliamentary system.
The design and modification of the parliamentary system allows one party to take control of both the legislature and the executive. In addition, the party is given all the necessary tools and techniques to both implement and enact the program. On the other hand, there is the out-of-power party that is designed to oppose the acts of the governing council. Moreover, they have the authority to oppose everything of the government; they also address ideas on how the country should be run as well as output the in-party and put out-party in the government in the next election. Also, the governing council has the vote to implement and perform its duties.
Also, in a parliamentary system e…

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