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Define cultural relativism

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Define cultural relativism

Category: Common App Essay

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Cultural Relativism
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Culture relativism is the view that all beliefs, customs and ethics are about the individual in his social range. However, what is right or wrong is considered explicit what is perceived to be moral in the society may be deemed to be immoral in the other. Since there is no standard of morality that exists, nobody has the dignity to judge another society’s custom.
Hinduism is one of the biggest religion cultures in the world Hinduism believed that there was no founder, no single scripture nor commonly set of teaching that was generated in their holy books. The Hindu is believed to be a way of life rather than religion. Hindus also have a set of religion text, and they believe in Karma and reincarnation (Polisi 2004). The Hindus have a supreme God called Brahman along with others namely Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma and many others who are manifestations of the divine energy.
Hinduism as a culture plays a significant role in the society in that it promotes the spirit of devotion, dedication, and worship as well as to propagate Hindu values and morals. It provides knowledge of ethical, spiritual’ religion and Hindu cultural practices (Polisi, 2004). It promotes respect and understanding between Hindus and ethnocultural groups of Canada.
In conclusion, cultural relativism states that each society has its own distinct but the same mode of perception thought and choice it also states that th…

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