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Category: Proposal Essay

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Dedication Essay
English is a controversial subject. This is because the English vocabulary has no standard definition. All these words are interpreted according to an individual’s personal experience. Very many other factors are also considered. The word ‘dedication’ is a perfect example to look at. The word has very many acceptable definitions.
Dedication is passion. Don’t tell me that you don’t know Ludwig Van Beethoven, the German composer and pianist. Beethoven displayed his musical talents at a very early age, after being taught by his father, Johann van Beethoven. At the age of 21, he moved to Vienna where he sharpened his skills and became a virtuoso pianist. All this is normal and does not portray passion. Beethoven’s hearing became poor at the age of thirty and by his death time, he was entirely deaf. Wikipedia informs that he gave up conducting but kept on composing music! This is because he suffered from tinnitus, a ringing in his ears probably because he dipped his head in water to stay awake. Beethoven had to turn around to the audience so as to see the applause after his presentation because he could not hear. Is it not passion that he even went on composing and discussing with friends about music in his conversation diaries?
Think of dedication, and parallel it with loyalty. Do they seem to imply the same? Today, I woke up early only to find my brother wide awake. He confessed that he had not slept the entire night. When asked why, he told me he could not stop listening to the newest Coldplay album, ‘A Head Full of Dreams.’ This seems weird, but he honestly loves rock music, especially Coldplay’s rock music. When the previous album by Coldplay was released, he went to the extent of borrowing money to buy it, as he did not have any. I have now been wondering how he survived the whole night without sleep, yet he is the one in the family who regards sleep as a golden treasure. He kept on listening over and over to the songs the entire day, sometimes humming along, sometimes singing out loudly. He did not care the fact that he was scolded by our mother! He is loyal and dedicated to his songs. He is dedicated to Coldplay!
Dedication is love. Berlioz fell in love with Henrietta Smithson when he saw her performing as Ophelia and Juliet in the Shakespeare’s plays. He desperately sent her love letters as he loved her. These letters were sent despite the fact that the two had not met in person. Berlioz invited Henrietta to his Symphonie Fantastique and even gave her an entire box of tickets. Berlioz had dedicated to her the entire symphony out of his love for her. All the music pieces performed during the symphony were about her. It is quite astounding that Berlioz would afford to dedicate to a single person an entire hours’ long event. The two ended up marrying n the year 1833. The love Berlioz had for Henrietta had him utilize his time composing great music pieces to dedicate them to Henrietta, his love.
Dedication is, therefore, an emotional word, just as all the English words are. The English vocabulary may evoke different emotions in an individual depending on his interpretation and level of understanding of the word. Its meaning depends on the person listening.

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