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Decision Support System revised

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Decision Support System revised

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Decision Support System
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Decision Support System
A decision support system is an interactive, flexible computer based system that is specially developed to support the solution of a non-structured problem In management for the purpose of an improved decision-making process (Turban & Aronson, 2001). This system utilizes data from the recorded data in an organization and allows the manager to have a personal insight. The growing urge to provide the management with an information system that can assist them in most decision-making processes has promoted the development of different decision support systems (Turban & Aronson, 2001). In this case, all the management hierarchies are able to benefit from using this decision support system.
Under the accounting profession, there is an increased requirement of using the Excel spreadsheet modular approach, and most of the accountants have been the most vocal about using it (Lu, 2011). Accountants are the only profession that are much concerned about the use of spreadsheet style as operations researchers. They show a preoccupation with their standard levels and use a carrot-and-stick strategy to exercise their style on the spreadsheet writers.
This above decision support system is used for the purpose of financial management at MySpace Investment Limited. The current financial industry is rapidly entering an era that is characterized by an increase in the complex financial analys…

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