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Debate: Police and Civilian Budget Preparation

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Debate: Police and Civilian Budget Preparation

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Debate: Police and Civilian Budget Preparation
Police departments that train their police officers to complete financial reports and prepare budget make better reports and budgets because these officers have in-depth knowledge of what they need from their experiences both in the field and the office. The police officers understand their workload (Eimicke et al. 27), can maintain secrecy in their jobs unlike civilians, and with financial knowledge, they can shift careers.
Therefore, I support the notion of training police officers to complete financial reports and preparing budgets, because they know their needs, unlike the civilians who cannot make proper budgets that would address the policing needs despite their degrees.
Supporting Arguments for Police Officers in Budget Preparation
In-depth Knowledge of Policing Needs
The sworn-in police officers have knowledge of what police officers need to accomplish their duties. The officers acquire knowledge from handling equipment on a daily basis in the field and in the process of investigation and securing civilians’ lives and property.

Ease of Training the Sworn Officers in Budget Preparation
With a little training, the sworn officers can accomplish the financial reporting and budget preparation. Furthermore, they can be trained whiles still on-the-job from consultants and superiors in the sector.
The sworn officers are prone to life-threatening situations and suffer injuries that …

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