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dangers of oil drilling in ANWR and benefits of rewenable resources

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dangers of oil drilling in ANWR and benefits of rewenable resources

Category: Term paper

Subcategory: Economics

Level: College

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The arctic national wildlife refuge is a sanctuary for wildlife, for a decade of years it has been the sources of argument due to the issue of oil drilling. The arctic national wildlife refuge is found in the North Slope area of Alaska in United States, which is the protected area, intended for forest without human interference and a home for many animals. Oil drilling in Arctic wildlife refuge shortens the life spurn of many species due to pollution that increase the risks of global warming; this reduces the number of tourist in the area (Hahn 45). Thus reduction in tourism, reduces the economy in the country and steady increase price of the gas in the area. Thus, the best way to fight global warming in America is by objecting oil drilling in the arctic national wildlife refuge and forcing the government to look the better and safe solutions.
During the drilling process, the pollutant released increases the risks of pollution in the river of Arctic wildlife refuge and the surrounding area. Also during oil, supply it cause harsh effects to the environment. Oil spills create a major threat to the life of living things, living within the in drilling society. During the process of oil drilling, some gases and airborne particulate substance are released into the atmosphere, hence leading to acidic rain. The acidic rain reduces the economy of production since it triggers the irrigation and living organisms in lacks and rivers. Pollution in t…

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