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I am a motivated, hard working motivated individual that drives to the highest potential, knowing the importance of being able to work as part of a team, whilst understanding and recognizing the ability of being able to think and work independently. Able to take on challenges, that has assisted in improving my skills, abilities and knowledge base, to help me to perform effectively. Knowing how to prioritise and manage workload effectively, I am of the view that I would be a suitable candidate for this position, and would exceed in meeting the aims and objectives of your organization.
I am a very reliable, respectful, polite punctual and hard working person. I am also social outgoing and intuitive, I can also be motivating, and I have good team work skills. I have hobbies which I enjoy as in gaming reading books playing sport going out with friends etc. I like computers a lot, and I study a lot about technology as life revolves around it and its needed a lot in life so I always learn new things I would hope to be a teacher in the future or own my own business.
University of Bedfordshire October 2012 – present
Computer Science BSc (Hons)
College of North East London (conel) 2007-2011
BTEC National Diploma IT and Business Grade: DMM
BTEC First Diploma for ICT Practitioners Grade: Merit
BTEC Introductory Diploma for [email protected] Grade: Pass
Adult Literacy Grade: Level 1
Adult Numeracy Grade: Level 1
Lea Valley High School
BTEC in Introductory Diploma ART, Design and MediaGrade: Merit
October 2012 – present University of Bedfordshire
Luton campus
University Square
Sept 2007 — July 2011The college of north east London
Tottenham highroad
N15 4RU
Sept 2005 — July 2007Lea Valley High School
Bullsmoor Lane
Telephone: 01992 763 666
E-mail Address: [email protected] EXPERIENCE
E-commerce Company2014 – Present
E-commerce marketing executive
I currently work with an ecommerce company as a marketing executive. Some of my key responsibilities include carrying out research about the product and its requirements, oversee the shipment of the products and inspect product delay, offer customer sale services to the company’s online consumer network and assist in processing of the company’s orders as well as the purchases in the webstore. Furthermore, I oversee the delivery of the product and communicate to customers about the delivery dates, liaise with website developers to manage critical things on the site which are beneficial for marketing, help in defining the company’s objectives and advising the company on the suitable computer applications to use, overseeing the company’s ecommerce sites and promoting them on social media such as Facebook and twitter and finally carrying out training of the new recruited marketing executives and overseeing and allocating them duties and responsibilities to them.
In this position I have gained skills in dealing with online customers, order processing, suitable online marketing networks, efficient and effective communication skills and online marketing skills.
Era Food Centre
180A Fore Street
Upper Edmonton
N18 2JB
Telephone address: 020 8887 9494
I was previously working as Era Food Centre I enjoyed the work, my main duties were to serve customers at the tills, cleaning at the bakery section and maintaining good hygiene.
Sam 99p Store 2009 — 2010
Edmonton Green Shopping Centre
Fore Street
Lower Edmonton
N9 0TZ
I have previously held a part-time job in Sam 99p store, where I have gained experience and dealing with the public and financial management many skills from work my place such as communication skills, good customer service, as well as organisational skills.
Greenfield Children’s Centre
Hurst Drive
Waltham Cross
Herts EN8 8DH
Main Tel: 01992 760779
During year 10 I had to weeks work experience in a Greenfield children’s centre which is based in Waltham Cross. I had to look after children which included reading to them, feeding them, playing with them and teach them how to use computer.
Mr. Satar Rhamani
College of north east London
High RoadLondonN15 4RU
Telephone address: 020 8802 3111
Ms. Laila Hassanzadeh
Tottenham Centre
The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East LondonHigh RoadLondonN15 4RU
Telephone address: 020 8442 3993
Hasan Gunes
Company: Era Food Centre
180A Fore Street
Upper Edmonton
N18 2JB
Telephone address: 020 8887 9494
Dr Herbert Daly
University of Bedfordshire
University Square
Email: [email protected]
Hughes, Tim. “Managing Customers in Financial Services: The Role of the Marketing Function in E-
Commerce.” Assessing the Different Roles of Marketing Theory and Practice in the Jaws of Economic Uncertainty. Springer International Publishing, 2015. 31-35.

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