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Category: Cover Letter

Subcategory: Crime

Level: Academic

Pages: 1

Words: 275

I am a motivated, hard working motivated individual that drives to the highest potential, knowing the importance of being able to work as part of a team, whilst understanding and recognizing the ability of being able to think and work independently. Able to take on challenges, that has assisted in improving my skills, abilities and knowledge base, to help me to perform effectively. Knowing how to prioritise and manage workload effectively, I am of the view that I would be a suitable candidate for this position, and would exceed in meeting the aims and objectives of your organization.
I am a very reliable, respectful, polite punctual and hard working person. I am also social outgoing and intuitive, I can also be motivating, and I have good team work skills. I have hobbies which I enjoy as in gaming reading books playing sport going out with friends etc. I like computers a lot, and I study a lot about technology as life revolves around it and its needed a lot in life so I always learn new things I would hope to be a teacher in the future or own my own business.
University of Bedfordshire October 2012 – present
Computer Science BSc (Hons)
College of North East London (conel) 2007-2011
BTEC National Diploma IT and Business Grade: DMM
BTEC First Diploma for ICT Practitioners Grade: Merit
BTEC Introductory Diploma for [email protected] Grade: Pass
Adult Literacy Grade: Level 1
Adult Numeracy Grade: Level 1
Lea Valley High School
BTEC in Introductory Diploma A…

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