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CV For Seaman Revised

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CV For Seaman Revised

Category: Article

Subcategory: Religion

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Contact Information
Name: Michael Epshtein
Date of Birth: 1978/10/08
Sex: Male
Nationality: Israel
Tel: INTERNATIONAL 972 526709053
ISRAEL 0526709053
Location: Israel, Haifa.
Email: [email protected]: Russian, English and Hebrew
To work as Ship Superintendent utilizing my skills and talent to the fullest to provide excellent service and achieve professional growth.
To be quick in problem solving and emergency response.
To be a good team leader in all the activities expected in the technical department as the ship superintendent
Self-motivated, able to prioritize and complete superintendent’s tasks and follow through to achieve project goals, keeping track of the changing trends, that is, alternative solutions to emerging problems.
Skills and Qualifications
Soft Skills
Coaching and discipline.
Training and mentoring of subordinates, cadets, trainees
Good at effective conveyance of information as a superintendant.
Preventive maintenance program implementation and administration, developing procedures and producing appropriate paper work to satisfy regulatory authorities and company objectives (i.e. ISM, JSA, Permits to work, etc.)
Diesel Engines
Complete overhaul vessel propulsion and auxiliary engines, repair and maintenance experience on considerable amount of r brands such as: B&W Man, Sulzer, Hyundai Hansen, Daihatsu, etc.
Fully conversant with MDO (diesel), 18…

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