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Client’s Project List
04.2014 – 05.2014
03.2010 – 11.2013 Project Manager Basel Data Center Move: Completed the investigation of over 200 AE&O (Architecture Engineering & Operations) application dependencies within a harsh deadline.
Developed a project plan based on the project scope, requirements, and timelines and aligned with senior project managers.
Managed migration requirement process of AE&O applications by interviewing application owners, portfolio managers, functional supporters, and technical owners globally.
Executed on migration planning, coordination, and implementation of the project.
Managed progress against milestones.
Project Coordinator / Junior Project Manager IT Tech Center Consolidation Project: Before this project, five major sites spread over the US, Europe and Asia had local site-specific processes. This project centralized the IT service desk process, implementing personal level onsite support and improving the effectiveness of customer services for over 6000 users.
Collaborated with lead Tech Center Service Manager on creating project charter to be reviewed by other Tech Center Managers in USA and CH sites.
Executed and monitored complex multiple project plans by creating overview timelines for all project plans combined which led to better accounting and an apparent direction of the entire project outcome.
Organized and coordinat…

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