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Current Issue in Parks/Recreation/Tourism

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Current issue in Tourism

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Effects of Political Instability on Tourism
Tourism forms a fundamental part of the economy of most countries. It is necessary for recreation, entertainment and relaxation of humans such as students during a gap year. However, political stability and wars are current critical parameters that affect the tourism sector (Hall, 2000). They have far-reaching consequences to present day tourism destinations. Despite the close relationship between the choice of vacation destinations and political unrest, many tourists do not analyze the political condition before they embark on a vacation. This essay explores how political instability affects tourism.
Political instability and war in a country will impact negatively on the tourism sector. Security is very crucial for every individual. Tourists avoid destinations experiencing political instability and war leading to fewer tourist numbers (Hall, 2000). Many tourists will prefer to visit destinations where their security is assured. Political instability affects the number of tourists visiting a region or country and may even extend to the neighboring regions or countries. Study shows, in the past few years, many tourists have been forced to cancel their visits due to political instability and war experience in various countries (Hall, 2000). It impacts negatively on the economies of the receiving countries. The responsible authorities have put up measure…

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