Critique on how the House Stove has altered over time in order to suit the changing needs of the market.

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Critique on how the House Stove has altered over time in order to suit the changing needs of the market.

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Critique on how the House Stove has altered over time to suit the changing needs of the market.

Executive SummaryThe desire to have cleaner and safer ways of cooking through the use of stoves has led to the invention of several stoves since time immemorial. The innovation and use of stoves more so in the third world have been considered fire hazards. According to MacCarty there are more than one million people around the globe who succumb to the inhalation of indoor smoke from stoves, and these are those that are commonly faulty (57). The incremental numbers of serious cases when using stoves has brought about other substantial stove designs that produce relatively low amounts of smoke. There are radical changes that have been brought about by Aprovecho Research Center, through their stove camp, to produce healthy, cheap and efficient stoves for use in the family. Most engineering societies which include Envirofit, and philanthropies like the Gates foundation have made new improvements to the old stoves for purposes of promoting healthy cooking habits through the use of the stove. In the year 2013, there was a clear focus on development and research in Washington DC, which aimed at providing improved heating capabilities for the citizens.

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A stove is crucial and often has space the is enclosed for providing heat through the burnt fuel to space itself and the different items that might be placed on top. Kitchen stoves are meant to cook food, while there are other stoves that are specifically designed to provide heat. Heating stoves make use of coal or wood. Stoves that are enclosed are known to be more efficient because they never allow air to penetrate through the chimney. Stove designs are currently being improved due to air pollution, and such may include clan burning type of stoves. In the US, there are guidelines that require stoves to have limited emissions.

ObjectiveThe paper will provide succinct information about different stoves which are in the market, and how they are useful to customers. It will particularly state the various benefits that clients derive from using the stoves, and how they have changed the way man lives. The stove is an important part of the kitchen as it provides heat to cook and also can be used to heat a house that is cold. A stove comes in many designs and this helps them to accommodate different modalities of heating depending on the needs of the users. Stoves have absorptive capacities that help them to conserve heat, and have a dynamic capability of heating.
InfluenceThe stove is an important product in the home because of its convenience and the services it provides to the people. The product is small in size yet provides important services that are basic to human survival. Through networking, individuals and corporations can easily find the best stove that is suitable for their home needs.
Kinds of StovesCurrently, stoves are grouped into two categories, and these are electric and gas. Gas stoves make use of gas when cooking or providing heat. Gas stoves are currently not popular because the systematic introduction of electric stoves which have made them obsolete. Electric stoves are considered to be efficient, and produce minimal emissions hence safe for use while at home. However, there are other individuals that make use of gas stoves because they considered them to be better compared to electric stoves. Electric stoves are known to cook food evenly compared to gas stoves and mostly favored by most users. The only disadvantage with electric stoves is that when their power goes off it is impossible to continue using them. This is different with gas stoves as they can be used even when the power goes off. Electric stoves come in different designs and colors and can also have burners or cook tops, most of them are freestanding, and this has made them popular.The uniqueness of stoves
Types of Innovations Different types of stoves in the market are autonomous in nature. There are small and large stoves which make use of either electricity or gas. When purchasing these stoves, buyers often consider their budget, use for the stove and the various needs in the house.
HouseholdDifferent stoves that are used for the house come with varied styles, and this depends on their uses. A household stove innovator considers the amount of food that is prepared in the house, the size of the kitchen and budget. A commercial stove is typically more expensive when compared to a freestanding stove, and such are usually big in size. Both the household and commercial stove are essential and can produce the required heat for purposes of heating food or ensuring changes to temperatures in the room as required by the users.
Double OvenThese are stoves that have two ovens are often large. Such stoves are often considered for travelers, or those families that are large and prepare large food quantities. Such stoves can manage to cook two different types of foods, and are handy when users do not want to waste a lot of time in the kitchen. Most of them are stainless steel or white and can easily be stacked on top of one another, or possibly below a freestanding top. The double oven denotes the open and closed innovation, and is currently the best type of stove that is currently in use because they can be able to cook different meals at the same time without wasting a lot of time and energy.
FreestandingFreestanding stoves are essential and portable in nature, hence able to move from one place to another in the kitchen. Temporary houses can opt for freestanding stoves because of their portability. When people decide to rent houses, they can make use of freestanding stoves, and this are important products as they can come in many designs and can also make use of electricity and gas. Examples of free standing stoves are indicated below.

CooktopCooktop type of stoves are also many in the market, and have easy and smooth surfaces which can be cleaned with ease. The stove has flat burners, and often heat evenly and at a relatively faster rate. Most of these stoves are kept in modern houses, where kitchens are modern in nature. The stoves are expensive and users need to make considerations of the sizes they wish to buy. This stove are often larger and wide, and often require cleaning products that are special in nature to ensure that they are kept neat all the time because their burners are always permanent. Such stoves are often used for both purposes of cooking and heating, and this has made them more popular among other stoves in the recent times. Cooktop stoves have tops that are placed on top of them, and these tops main purpose is to hold various items placed on them to provide heat and boil or cook them without problems.

Finished & UnfinishedFinished stoves denote that the enamel that is often used in the stoves has already finished, and they often show the sides. Most of them never appeal to the eyes, but can be replaced and end up looking nice. Unfinished kind of stove always needs to slide into a fitting cabinet to be finished in their looks. Such stove can be put permanently in one section of the kitchen.

Other Types of StovesThere are other stoves that are distinguishable from those that are used on a daily basis because of the purpose they are meant for the while in use. Commercial stoves require huge budgets and kitchens that are open, and currently increasing their popularity. Most of these commercial stoves have more burners on top of them, while others have dual ovens to ensure more cooking at the same time. They are often stainless steel, and only used by chefs. Such stoves can make use of gas or electricity and costly. Return policies for such products are not always available from buyers because the products are rarely found.There are stoves that are meant for camping capabilities, and most of these stoves are portable in nature. Their stylish designs make them probable to be taken to various sites of camping, and most of them often make use of propane. The stoves are considered to be smaller than normal stoves, and few of them usually come with small ovens, and this facet makes them appropriate for camping or when going for long vacations. Enough propane is however required by users of the stoves so that the stoves can continue to function even while in the camp sites. Therefore, users need to ascertain the relative amount of propane needed before they begin their journey. There are sellers who often provide propane alongside the stoves, when being sold to the users, and this is an important fact that buyers need always to consider before making any purchases.Further, vintage stoves are other forms of stoves that emerge from various eras. When buying a vintage stove, a buyer needs to understand all the flaws of the stove, and in good condition to operate. Most of these stoves come from collectors, and can be made of cast iron, enamel or porcelain. Most vintage stoves are expensive, and this fully depends on their condition and how old they are coupled with many other important factors from collectors (Accinelli 12).When getting a stove for use in the home, it is important to consider clearly the specifications that are indicated by the sellers. The dimensions of the stove should be indicated, and the buyer needs also to know whether the stove is electric or gas. To ensure efficiency when using the stoves, the buyers also need to consider if they are new or have been used in the past, and whether they have returned policies in case of problems. Stoves need to be cared for and always kept clean so that they can also be efficient in cooking. When being used, the stoves ought to be in good working condition, so that they can be able to provide heat for containers placed on top of them. They should always complement the kitchens where they are placed, and maintained in case of breakages.Stoves can easily be found in various stores both physically and online. Users can decide the type of stoves they want, and such suggestions may range from dual oven stoves to cooktop stoves. The buyers will also need to consider their needs, the color required, size and style. Such information is important as it ensures that buyers get the type of stove they wish to have for their varied purposes.Research is often essential before getting a stove, and such provisions often help to find the best type of stove in the market, and one that fits the needs of the users while at home. Various important factors like space size in the kitchen, size, cost and the need for the stove will need to be known before the stove is purchased. Stoves are investments that are vital in the family, and when cared for properly they can last for longer periods. Individuals should never have a hard time selecting the stoves they want, but a checklist for the various qualities in the stoves is important so that the best kind of stove is bought and brought home for use.
Benefits and value derived by clients or customers or recipients
Using a wood stove is advantageous to customers as it is often economical during winter, when the stove is extensively used. The fuel for wood stoves is very ecological and also economical to obtain and use. Most individuals who have made use of wood confirm that it is often warmer when compared to other types of heat.
A wood stove is a better supplement of heat and often cheap to obtain and use when compared to other types of heat sources. With the recent increase of prices of oil, propane gas is expensive, while the use of electricity for stoves is never affordable for most users. However, the electricity and gas stoves also have their advantages, and are commonly used in other homes too.
Gas stoves are also common around the globe, and most users of such products confirm that they are better compared to electric stoves. Even though home users never require similar results of cooking to that of chefs, the use of gas stoves is easier, and commonly easy to operate. Long term usage of gas stoves often makes users overlook their prices, and the prices of gas because of the efficient nature of the products (Raman 334). A gas stove often has more control on the various items placed on top of it, and this usually makes it easy for users to make various changes and regulations when using such stoves. When gas stoves are changed to suit particular temperatures they usually make such changes immediately, and never take time to cool off or heat up when compared to other heating products. Such stoves are also crucial as an individual can look at the flame produced and make inferences on various adjustments that should be made to the pots on top of the flames.The level of ambient temperatures in the kitchen can also be low when using gas stoves. Kitchens need not be warm due to lost heat from stoves, and this is commonly seen from electric stoves. Regions that often have power issues feel comfortable when using gas stoves because they never go off, unless the gas is out, and this can be refilled any time without problems. the tops of such stoves are also always cooler compared to that of electric stoves, and this is a plus for them because they ensure a total reduction on burns.
Historically, gas ovens have has serious criticisms, and have been seen as being difficult to handle when compared to other cooking operators. However, modern imitations to past stoves have brought about stoves that are excellent and which have the capability of baking bread and boiling various components placed on them. A combination of a gas stove and oven can be vital in the family as it can make use of limited space when compared to stoves that have separate ovens and range. Gas stoves are better water heaters and heating systems capabilities, and this requires a gas line which can be installed in the house. Heating using gas can reduce the amount households spend on their heating.
Electric stoves also have various advantages for their users, and most of them heat up whatever items are on top of them faster compared to wood stoves. The use of electricity is also somehow cheaper compared to gas stoves and most households have made changes to electric stoves to save money. Electric stoves can also be useful everywhere and this is vital for regions that have electric connections. They can be moved from one place to another, and not useful to holiday makers as most of them move from one region to another.
How the product inspired the authorThe stove is a convenient product which has been in use since time immemorial. Stoves can be moved from one region to another, and can also make use of different heating capabilities, and this fully depends on the users. There are those who might decide to make use of gas, wood or electricity, and this is advantageous to all the users. The stove can perform various heating functions and can cook food easily making it a basic component and product that needs to be in most homes. Stoves can be taken on vacations, and this can easily assist users to reduce the amount of money they can spend on heating and cooking while on their vacations. It is therefore and important product that not only helps families to survive, but also ensure minimal spending (MacCarty 161).Conclusion
Buying a stove for use in the family fully depends on the needs and budget capability of the users. Those purchasing a stove should also consider whether they will be able to make use of gas or electricity. Wood stoves can also be purchased because they only desire wood to heat up, and this makes them convenient for camping purposes. When using such stoves users should also be careful so that they can have the required benefits as opposed to wasting money. The use of vintage stoves for example should not be employed in the family because such stoves are often meant to showcase past eras, and can only be put in houses for purposes of showing the world about the different evolutions in the innovation. Individuals can also invent their stoves and this can be made possible if they have the materials and experience on how to make them. This can be a cheaper way of acquiring a stove and can ensure minimal amounts of money towards such a product.

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