Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking
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Assignment Choice #1: Research Populations Affected

Research on population affected by drug and alcohol abuse Student’s name Institution Drug and alcohol abuse among Colorado College students Drug and alcohol abuse is a common aspect among young adults in all communities. Studies show that the trend of the drug overdose and binge alcohol consumption has reached alarming levels among college students in Colorado and other states in America. The population of college students, commonly is composed of people aged between 18-25 years. Drug abuse is the habitual consumption of drugs of addiction which are in most cases illegal, while alcohol use refers to routine misuse of alcohol. Most of these college students live with their parents, some live...

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Name of Student: Course: Course Instructor: Date: Cyber Security Introduction Cyber security has become an issue in the current digital world following the developments in technology that occur from day to day. This has led to several attempts by various experts to try and secure the cyber fields that have increasingly become the criminal’s workshops. IBM’s “Staying Ahead in Cyber Security Game” is one of the books that tackle cyber security issues. This paper is a critical analysis of chapters 8, 9, 10 and eleven of the said book. Chapter 8 Executive summary This chapter is entitled “Be your own worst enemy” with a further inscription that states that if...

IBM Staying Ahead in the Cyber Security Game draft 2

Staying ahead in Cyber Security Game Name Institution of Affiliation Chapter 8 Being your worst enemy Summary In this chapter, we shall spend time in analysing on how to protect yourself from cyber crimes that have become a major threat in any organisation or even an individual. One security consultant made a remark about cyber crimes and said that crime do adapt and do follow; in as much there is new technology, crimes do change at that same rate. The consultant also said that these malicious people are always a step ahead, they have more imagination than them protecting that same information they want to get hold of. The key thing is that we constantly face things that we have never...