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Critical Thinking about Communications

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Critical Thinking
Communication is quite a necessity in any business organization that is it will let people get to know what the business is all about and in return may win the attention of these people to purchasing your products. On a similar note communication is significant in assisting the business in fostering a good and favorable working relationship between the business owner and the staffing team, hence may, in turn, lead to boosting morale and efficiency of the business. Therefore, when a company is thinking of communication it has to look at it in two perspective that is verbal and non-verbal communication. However, most often business only focus on communicating through words only forgetting that non-verbal communication also has a part to play in the presentation of its products.CITATION Ken02 p ” ,36″ l 1033 (Clow and Baack,36)Nonverbal communication is a process of generating meaningful message without necessarily using words. Nonverbal communication is seen to predate verbal communication. Moreover, nonverbal is seemingly more trustable since it is more unconscious and many people assume that non-verbal action rarely will lie, thus tend to believe more in a non-verbal message as compared to verbal message.
On the other hand, the aim of business presentation of articles is to provide a new interpretation about the previous approach. Concerning the same will have to deploy advertising…

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