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Critical thinking

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Critical thinking

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: College

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

Confidence and knowledge are with no doubt among the best two qualities a person can possess. The two qualities together create a somewhat universal groundwork to achieve success in all spheres of life. In real sense, confidence and knowledge complement each another. In other words, knowledge is the actual product and confidence, on the other hand, is the process of delivery. However, the general perception is that knowledge creates doubt. According to Socrates, true knowledge can be defined as to know something, is to know you know nothing. Therefore, Knowledge can be defined as a faculty of human that results from interpreting patterns in information that understanding that generated from a combination of information, experiences, data as well as individual interpretation. In other words, knowledge is capacity to act upon things that are held to be true in a particular context.
Most often knowledgeable people within a specific domain sometimes fail to deviate from common standards as they fear consequences. This implies that such people are often afraid to move out of what is known to them or the personal knowledge. Personal knowledge is knowledge of situations or circumstances that are only gained through firsthand experiences or observation. To know, on the other hand, is to have knowledge that is perceived directly. Conversely, we know refers to collective knowledge what is termed by a group of people who have some sort…

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