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Critical summary of Alfred Lessing’s ‘What is Wrong with a Forgery?’ and Denis Dutton’s ‘Artistic Crimes’

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Critical summary of Alfred Lessing’s ‘What is Wrong with a Forgery?’ and Denis Dutton’s ‘Artistic Crimes’

Category: Book Review

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: Academic

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

Artistic Crimes and the Ills of Forgery

The originality of an art is always important, it ensures that art lovers are not defrauded and given forged artwork. The artwork is relatively expensive; an individual is therefore required to determine whether a piece of art is indeed authentic or forged. In this argumentative essay, different aspects relating forgery of art as well as criminal cases of forgery is vastly described. The essay considers different cases to which individuals have been caught in the act of forging art or handling forged artwork. The case study book is a good descriptive research article on the ways to which an artist is required to uphold professional ethics that will enable this artist to adhere to the laws and regulations governing art. This adherence will enable an individual to keep his or herself free from criminal activities related to art and creation of artistic objects.

According to Alfred Lessing, people have different perspectives on whether forgery is wrong or right. The authors in detail describe his rationale referring to ancient philosophers definition and description of forgery, the influence to which this act of forgery has to the authentic art done by a particular individual. An artwork should be at all cost required not to be replicated if the initial artist is unaware; this brings us to the ethical issues to which an artist should carefully consider when practicing in his or her field of specialization. The question stated is analyzed…

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