Critical review

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Critical review
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Peri-implantitis revised

First Name Last Name Instructor's Name Course Date General Comment Has the journal a high impact factor? This journal is indeed a high impact factor for pre-implants are becoming an oral health concern due to the growing number of dental implants. The European Federation of Periodontology estimates that 80% of individuals undergoing dental implants are likely to develop peri-implantitis. Among those patients, 50% of the implants develop peri-implant mucositis. This condition is greatly influenced by the patients' general oral hygiene, smoking, systemic health conditions and medication. Such unhygienic oral health conditions may favor bacteria colonization on the mucous membrane resulting in...


Article Critique Student’s Name University Affiliation Article Critique In the article “Undergraduate ESL students’ engagement in Academic Reading and Writing in Learning to Write a Synthesis Paper” published in Reading in a Foreign Language in 2015, Zhao and Hirvela’s main argument is simply stated as “synthesizing offers rich opportunities to explore the connections between reading and writing” (Zhao and Hirvela, 2015). The author's research on how the sources and the synthesis play the role in influencing two students practice their writing of synthesis and their perceptions regarding interaction between the writing of the synthesis and reading strategies. To begin with, I...