Critical of an Article on Human Sexuality

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Critical of an Article on Human Sexuality

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Critical of an Article on Human Sexuality

The sexual desire demonstrated by human beings is a true reflection on how human beings require the love of others, which in itself, has the foundation of the love which created all. Therefore, the sexual desire which characterizes human beings feelings clearly portrays how people rely on one another for love which goes beyond selfishly fulfilling ones desire but being considerate on a partner’s feeling. In most cases when a person is in pursuit to fulfill his/her sexual desire, they are majorly concerned with either to pay attention to oneself or to go beyond his/her selfish desire in order to fulfill others desire.
Even though one may argue that ones need to come first before the other person needs are satisfied, and it may be true when the comparison is drawn against the other basic human needs (food, shelter, oxygen).But sexual need, which to an extent also belongs to basic human needs presents a different perspective. For instance, human sexuality would be much more fulfilling if one is mindful a bout his/her partner’s sexual need. This probably requires that one should forego his/her egocentric behaviors and be ready and willing to satisfy the other partner’s sexual desire. However, there should be the mutual benefit for both partners.
The general purpose of these theses as argued widely by the authors is to look at human sexual nature from the point of being concerned about the others which indeed according to the authors should be the main underlying role of sexuality. This, therefore, raises the concern that human sexual nature need not to be focused on selfishness but being selfless that is living for others which would ultimately bring cooperativeness in the human being. In particular, the authors’ intention in this article is to put a clear distinction on how our sexual passion could generate selfishness in peoples. The authors also intend to demonstrate to us how sexual differentiation which results in to incompleteness in the human being would force us to depend on one another love as away of completing the gap that exist in our lives.
The existence of different sexes among human species reveals strongly that each sex, male or female is neither fully complete nor fully independent and this desire to be mindful of the others has been in place since time memorial. The previous species of human beings, Homo sapiens though were also sexually active but the nature of their sexual interactions reveal the quest to protect one another in all their social -economic activities.
Though in some instances certain percentage of people may engage in sexual behaviors without due consideration if the other partner would be hurt or not. According to the authors, this is being self-centered which is not the ultimate goal of human sexuality. In addition the natural law of human love requires that one should desire to be possessed more than the desire to possess. However sexual relationship does not bring happiness if one is not generous and selfless in the relationship.
From the authors point of view deep love which can only be expressed in intimate human sexuality is a true reflection of God’s love which in itself is very sacred. Therefore, such acts like promiscuity, adultery, homosexuality as well masturbation perhaps can be viewed as the self-oriented desire which from Christian perspective are sinful and do not improve interpersonal relationship which should be the true nature of human sexuality. These issues might not be strongly raised by the church leaders but the faithful are concerned and sometimes discussed them openly.
Historically, the authors have compared human sexuality from what was acceptable in contrast to the opinion held by the current generation. Contemporary thinking and policies demand that has to be conducted in the presence of church pastor and two other witnesses. However this portrays the economic perspective taken by human sexuality. In the previous generations, adultery was considered to be a greater sin than fornication. This was due to the fact that marriage was viewed as very holy therefore straying outside marriage would be against the law of love which was treated as being selfish.
The role of the church is also well defined when it comes human sexuality. The church should be vocal in all the circumstances and if need be should be in front to give direction on matters related human sexuality. For instance, the church should not be numb as it happened during the time when French experienced population explosion and enacted some policies to control the situation. The church should confirm certain practices which enhances interrelationship among human beings.
The moral uprightness presented in the article can be widely debated and either supported or disapproved from different parts of the world. For instance Mediterranean approach and that of Vatican attitude towards sexuality in comparison with the liberal American attitude is ideally contradicting. The roman theologians may view issues like abortion, homosexuality, and masturbation as lack of submission to the will of God with respect to human sexuality. It is noted that this approach adopted by the Vatican is based on the church doctrines which do not advocate for the multiplication of moral sins which could be considered very grave. On the other hand, the liberal American theologians viewed these acts as of not grave sin which should not be condemned.
In my opinion human sexuality as presented by the authors in this article would be the most fulfilling experience if the parties involved understand their goals in the relationship. In marriage for instance, partners should be ready to demonstrate how deeply they are concerned with the feeling of their partners they should be ready to love more than being loved. Similarly, marriage and human sexuality should not be tied to economic gain by one partner as this is likely to reflect selfishness as opposed to generosity which ought to be visible inhuman sexuality. Though human being may at time fall to various sexual sins like homosexuality, masturbation, promiscuity because of self-centered desires, they should be others-oriented in order fulfill God’s tension of love.
From the church perspective on human sexuality, it is noted that the two partners that are enjoined together in marriage should desire be fulfill God’s love which must be pure. The marriage should be between a man and a woman because this when the concept of fulfilling the incompleteness in the human being would be realized.
In conclusion, I strongly agree with the authors’ arguments on the concept of human sexuality which indeed is the human nature. In any kind of relationship that two people man and a woman agree to be united in marriage, it should be driven by the desire to fulfill the other partner’s needs. This can be achieved if both parties stop selfishness.

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