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Critical of an Article on Human Sexuality

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Critical of an Article on Human Sexuality

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Food

Level: High School

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

Critical of an Article on Human Sexuality

The sexual desire demonstrated by human beings is a true reflection on how human beings require the love of others, which in itself, has the foundation of the love which created all. Therefore, the sexual desire which characterizes human beings feelings clearly portrays how people rely on one another for love which goes beyond selfishly fulfilling ones desire but being considerate on a partner’s feeling. In most cases when a person is in pursuit to fulfill his/her sexual desire, they are majorly concerned with either to pay attention to oneself or to go beyond his/her selfish desire in order to fulfill others desire.
Even though one may argue that ones need to come first before the other person needs are satisfied, and it may be true when the comparison is drawn against the other basic human needs (food, shelter, oxygen).But sexual need, which to an extent also belongs to basic human needs presents a different perspective. For instance, human sexuality would be much more fulfilling if one is mindful a bout his/her partner’s sexual need. This probably requires that one should forego his/her egocentric behaviors and be ready and willing to satisfy the other partner’s sexual desire. However, there should be the mutual benefit for both partners.
The general purpose of these theses as argued widely by the authors is to look at human sexual nature from the point of being concerned about the others which indeed according to the authors shou…

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