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Critical Analysis of the Paper about the Effects of Aerobic and Anaerobic

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Critical Analysis of the Paper about the Effects of Aerobic and Anaerobic

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Level: PhD

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Critical Analysis of Paper about the Effects of Aerobic and Anaerobic
The central purpose is identified, the project purpose and importance is vague and the keywords do not relay the important aspect of the article. Keywords are adequate and encompass all articles. In that, the author has formed cohesion and showed how athletic injuries can be cured, and he has explained how ImPACT too has evolved to measure cognitive function. The author has introduced the keywords ImPACT and anaerobic and aerobic appropriately.
Most information is relevant, and the information given is relevant though some aspect of it shows he has limited knowledge. He does not explain how concussion researches have been developed to give the ImPACT tool an evolving series to get to the current and conclude this is the best solution for athletic injury. He should show how ImPACT tools at present are of use compared to the past methods used.
It is noted that the methods, instruments, and procedures are adequately described and expounded. The data and information collected is relevant to the study. This use of pre-test and protest experimental to get accurate and comparable results is an awesome research method. Analysis and Discussion
The analysis is thoughtful and in details, well researched and in-depth. The author gives detailed data on the results of the study about the different ages affected by the exercises.
The comparison of the study with the previous information shows th…

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