Critical Analysis of the Paper about the Effects of Aerobic and Anaerobic

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Critical Analysis of the Paper about the Effects of Aerobic and Anaerobic

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Critical Analysis of Paper about the Effects of Aerobic and Anaerobic
The central purpose is identified, the project purpose and importance is vague and the keywords do not relay the important aspect of the article. Keywords are adequate and encompass all articles. In that, the author has formed cohesion and showed how athletic injuries can be cured, and he has explained how ImPACT too has evolved to measure cognitive function. The author has introduced the keywords ImPACT and anaerobic and aerobic appropriately.
Most information is relevant, and the information given is relevant though some aspect of it shows he has limited knowledge. He does not explain how concussion researches have been developed to give the ImPACT tool an evolving series to get to the current and conclude this is the best solution for athletic injury. He should show how ImPACT tools at present are of use compared to the past methods used.
It is noted that the methods, instruments, and procedures are adequately described and expounded. The data and information collected is relevant to the study. This use of pre-test and protest experimental to get accurate and comparable results is an awesome research method. Analysis and Discussion
The analysis is thoughtful and in details, well researched and in-depth. The author gives detailed data on the results of the study about the different ages affected by the exercises.
The comparison of the study with the previous information shows that the author has indeed given great attention to making the report. The use of keywords and meta-words in the body, as expected, is a good indicator that great attention has been given to the discussion and study. As a result, use of accurate information about the victims shows that the author has been keen on bringing the discussion on a detailed platform.
Additionally, the author has been able to explain clearly the difference between visual-motor speeds, impulse control on how ImPACT testing sessions measures react with time. The author can cut through the previous studies and bring the parallel differences between the current study and even show the differences in the progress.
Notable is the way the researcher explains the ImPACT such an informed person can read and get the flow and get the picture of what needs to be done. The author can identify the shortcomings and gives the alternative or future research projections on what needs to be done to improve where and how.
Grammar and word choice
The level of writing is generally appropriate the vocabulary is limited and the precise and meaningful. The author has an interest in the flow of ideas, and he maintains the interesting parts throughout the report. It is noted that the sentences have the grammatical error are evident. For instance, use of determiners like the use of the article “a”, and “the” has been misused. There is also a wrong indication of nouns since they are introduced by a capital letter. Another grammatical error is the inappropriate use of prepositions, there a few spelling mistakes and word order. Additionally, there are few errors on the use of colloquial speech, on how the author introduces a sentence by use of this is, leaves the reader guessing what the author means. There is also wrong choice of words, like the repeated use of research which she could have substituted by use of a synonym for study, words like effect the author could interchange with impact, evidence proof or effected for achieved.
Figures and Tables
All visual aids relate to the article, have an appropriate balance between graphics and text and are easy to understand. However, minor improvements are recommended, to make the tables meaningful to the reader. The author can add endnotes below the table to expound on the data for the reader who has no idea to interpret it.
Analysis and Recommendations
The author has taken into consideration how the paper is supposed to be written and followed the guidelines. Like in the abstract and introduction, there is the cohesion of ideas on the subject of discussion. A reader can identify what the author is going to discuss about and get an idea of how the ImPACT, aerobic and anaerobic are relevant to athletic injury. Similarly, the author has chosen a great method of determining accurate information. The author goes ahead and explains in the analysis and discussion in a thoughtful and depth. However, the author should concentrate on the grammar and word choice.
It is recommended for the author to use grammar checking tools to help avoid ambiguous and repetitive words. The author should also ensure that there nouns are introduced by a capital letter. It is also important to indicate endnotes on some the tables used, to explain the data to the person reader.