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criminal punishment

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criminal punishment

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Criminal Punishment

Criminal Punishment
Intermediate punishments, or intermediate sanctions, refer to forms of punishments that are more severe than conventional probation, but less expensive than incarceration. Together with probation and incarceration, intermediate sanctions constitute the ladder of punishments, with incarceration at the top, probation at the bottom, and intermediate punishments somewhere in the middle (Siegel & Bartollas, 2014). House arrest and electronic monitoring makes the most sense of all intermediate punishments while boot camps make the least sense.
The use of house arrests and electronic monitoring as an intermediate sanction is attractive for a number of reasons, including the fact that it can be deployed during the pretrial stage to monitor persons on bond to make certain that they appear in court, it can be employed post conviction in monitoring offenders who are serving a community corrections sentence, and because offenders are not allowed to venture into bars and other venues with criminal opportunities (DeLisi & Conis, 2013).
Electronic monitoring reduces correctional cost in two principal ways. First, the offender handles the cost of supervision, which makes the system self-sustaining. Second, because house arrest and electronic monitoring does not involve the incarceration of the offender, there is considerable savings with respect to jail space, incarceration costs, and prison cr…

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