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Criminal Justices

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Criminal Justices

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Institution Affiliation
I believe that everyone in the workplace is governed by the certain code of conduct. Some of these conducts are unwritten and are logically based on performances of co-workers. A cultural value in the workplace helps senior officers to monitor unlawful and unethical behaviors. Ethical standards require all employees to act accordingly to avoid excessive enforcement of the law, especially in the workplace system (Westmarland, 2005). It is a fact that servant leaders transform lives of many employees by providing positive care. The post provides that motivation from leader gives employees desire of sacrificing in workplace operations. The leader should not entirely live for them in the workplace positions.
I concur with ideas developed in the post since they enhance positive change in the workplace system. I consent with facts in the post that every workplace has a certain culture which governs behaviors of all employees. I believe unwritten codes of conduct are effective in the workplace system since police or senior officer does not have to direct extreme force to the employees (Westmarland, 2005). As such, I support the idea that corrections on unlawful and ethical acts help in enhancing loyalty and solidarity among the co-workers. Equally important, correcting fellow employee in the career field helps in enhancing good ethical standards.
I assent with ideas in the post since they increase chances of positively …

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