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Criminal Justice Coursework

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Criminal Justice Coursework

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

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Workplace violence
After reading the article, I felt terrified by the sudden death of the five innocent citizens. Even though the constitution allows the legal position of the firearms, I think it is appropriate for the government to check the mental status of an individual before he or she is issued with a gun. I also feel the company never followed the required steps, procedures and regulations when firing one of their employees and this could be a possible chance for the victim to return after being mentally disturbed. I think there is the need for addressing these issues and action taken to curb such shooting incidences and violence in the workplace.
The authority’s negligence in their operation arouses my attention as this may lead to massive loss of innocent lives and destruction of properties. The authorities’ failure to take quick action as recommended against suspects gives the suspects time to improve on their skills and tactics of operations (Terrance & Schneider, 2017). Another disturbing problem in the workplace is the security measures established by various companies. Coordination and cooperation between the security and the workforce of a given company is also an alarming issue. Moreover, the collaboration between the civilians and the authorities in relaying credential information is also a worrying issue that needs to be addressed (Baron & Neuman, 1996).
There are several questions that the authori…

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