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Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice

In the current society, there are numerous security issues that companies in the world are likely to face. Therefore, this calls for their concern in these issues. Terrorism, drug trafficking, and presence of political unrest are some of the global crimes they need to watch out for. When these international crimes are present, business is less profitable, and thus they need to be concerned.
Private companies are in most cases faced with the need to have their companies nationalized in the foreign companies, and this is common in Iraq and Afghanistan. This way, they can take over the production facility and send the foreign employees and owners home (Wan, 2017). Iraq and Afghanistan private contractors in foreign countries are in most instances used in gaining intelligence knowledge of the civilian’s customs, their terrain, and their routines. It thus makes it much easier for them to carry out their attacks. The private contractors from Iran are approximately 30,000 and are distributed in over 50 companies in different countries. That of Afghanistan is estimated to be at around 70,000 private contractors in different countries.
In most cases, they operate on no definite time but on when their services in their foreign country come to an end. That is when they carry out their terrorist acts. Thus, the idea that private contractors get employed in foreign countries is quite daunting and especially if they are from Iran…

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