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Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

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Criminal Justice
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A police chief can apply the Herzberg’s Motivation Theory to enhance the productivity of police officers. According to the theory, numerous factors in a working environment contribute to either productivity or lack of productivity within a workforce. The factors that contribute to an increase in productivity do so by increasing the employees’ motivation. The motivators include intrinsic rewards. A police chief can motivate the police officers under him by improving the working conditions. Police officers are likely to be motivated when the area under their jurisdiction has reduced crime, which acts as an internal award. Also, internal reshuffles in assignments are important in reducing monotony in the fight against crime. Other proven motivators include salary increments and career advancement (Jo & Shim, 2015).
As a new police officer, making my way through the police department requires time, patience, and hard work against crime. Fighting crime is a hard and devastating task. Like most police officers, I would start off my career with the aim of saving the world. However, a police officer is likely to witness frustrating events such as murder, rape, and crime. I would constantly be fighting negativity, which would reduce the rate at which I attain physiological satisfaction that allows me to ascend to the higher levels of Maslow’s hierarchy. Ascending to self-actualization requires the understanding that as a pol…

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