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Criminal Careers: how are they produced?

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Criminal Careers: how are they produced?

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Criminal CareersHow are criminal careers produced and decriminalized?
Criminal careers are enticing for those who love money. However, it is so short that one has to find a legitimate career to unshackle the criminal past. This essay gives credence to the aforementioned statement. Criminal careers predominantly start at the tender ages of between fourteen and sixteen for communicative purposes. Dangerous criminal careers are oft carried on for subservient reasons. As past studies have revealed, felonious careers of new entrants including those who go all the way and morph into fecund criminals is a drop in the sea with regard to more established group of criminal offenders. Criminal career offenders who begin at a tender age have the propensity to become persistent offenders in their lifetime. As criminal career defines the chronological succession of crime in an individual’s lifetime, there has to be the motivation behind the act and the urge to use the activity of crime as a latitude to earn a living. To set the records straight, every career in crime has a lifespan- a beginning, duration and an end. Again, as studies have shown, it is only a small fraction of the populace that has a career in crime and commits the offence.
The career criminal commits offences at a certain frequency that can antagonize the larger community. This occurs where a criminal offence peaks at a specific age especially in the teenage bracket before plummeting as the career criminals grow. For instance, as a minor gets apprehended or given a referral to the juvenile justice system for engaging either in dereliction of the law or showing an anti-social behavior, it is granted that the minor has ventured into murky waters of chase game with the criminal justice system. The chances are that there are no turning back, and the lad will morph into a professional career offender. Take, for instance, a child at the age of ten participating in an appalling event of a mass shooting or rather bullying other classmates. This raises the red flag that he/she is not ready to obey the law and is willing to curve his/her rules where he/she decides every rule. This child has a higher propensity to continue his/her dysphemistic as the solemnity of his/her resulting behavior escalates. This happens because criminals do not exhibit incessant asperity as their behavior oscillates around vacillating blueprint of severity with ascending and descending sways in the asperity of their violent acts.
To buttress the abovementioned point, some people who launched their criminal careers at a tender age managed to turn the criminal lives into legitimate careers. For the majority of individuals, criminal life is a risky venture as one cannot carry on playing cat and mouse games with the law enforcing agencies over law-breaking acts. The allure of staying ‘clean’ and being out of jail is so strong to resist. They, therefore, mended and turned their nefarious ways into a legit career once they were apprehended. Danny Trejo was a career criminal who specialized in gazumping convenience stores besides suffering addiction to hard drugs. He was always on the spot, and the police were always in his case where they hunted him at his house much to the chagrin of his mother who thought that the criminal justice system was hell-bent on finishing his son. The lad was ultimately sentenced to fifteen years in prison where he learnt skills in boxing as well as embarking on a program that unfettered him from his addiction.
On his release, he worked on helping his ex-convicts to remain straight. Ultimately, he was asked to participate in casting of a movie-Runaway Train- where he was given the role of acting the convict. While in the process of casting the movie, he was approached to help train a one Roberts boxing where he could earn more than $300 in one day. As the adage goes, the rest is history. Trejo has acted in over a hundred movies where he fends for himself and his family in a more legitimate career.
Another example of how a career criminal turns a new page in his life included Michael Franzese, who started his delinquency in his teens. He moved through the ranks through to become gasoline felony. Though he was involved in other ventures such as the production of film and running an agency in sports, he is more synonymous with gasoline felony. He was apprehended for the racket where he offered testimony against his dad after leaving the mafia. After his release from prison, Michael became a motivational speaker where he founded his foundation to keep young people from wasting away their lives with gambling. He also wrote a tell-all autobiography to enlighten people on criminal life.
This confirms that criminal careers are quite short and are always linked to the inception age in a way that young offenders have the ability to prolong their careers. However, they are soon caught up with the law and apprehended.

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