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Criminal Careers: how are they produced?

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Criminal CareersHow are criminal careers produced and decriminalized?
Criminal careers are enticing for those who love money. However, it is so short that one has to find a legitimate career to unshackle the criminal past. This essay gives credence to the aforementioned statement. Criminal careers predominantly start at the tender ages of between fourteen and sixteen for communicative purposes. Dangerous criminal careers are oft carried on for subservient reasons. As past studies have revealed, felonious careers of new entrants including those who go all the way and morph into fecund criminals is a drop in the sea with regard to more established group of criminal offenders. Criminal career offenders who begin at a tender age have the propensity to become persistent offenders in their lifetime. As criminal career defines the chronological succession of crime in an individual’s lifetime, there has to be the motivation behind the act and the urge to use the activity of crime as a latitude to earn a living. To set the records straight, every career in crime has a lifespan- a beginning, duration and an end. Again, as studies have shown, it is only a small fraction of the populace that has a career in crime and commits the offence.
The career criminal commits offences at a certain frequency that can antagonize the larger community. This occurs where a criminal offence peaks at a specific age especially in the teenage bracket before plummeting a…

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