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Crimes of the rich and of the poor: which are more serious?

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Crimes of the rich and of the poor: which are more serious?

Category: Book Report

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

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Words: 825

Crimes of the Rich Outdo Crimes of the Poor.
Crimes of the rich and the poor: which are more serious?
Crimes of the rich outdo offenses of the less fortunate in society because there is a belief that money can buy anything. Money cannot buy anything and more so it should not be used to cover up for justice. No matter your social status justice has to prevail and victory are for sure for the innocent. People low in the social class does not get a fair deal whether naive or wrong because their status has no value. Whether rich or poor the arm of the law has to act reasonably and deliver the appropriate punishment. In the world, we live in justice seems to be far from the poor because they are perceived to be guilty at all times and this notion has to change to make this world a better place to live in for every individual.
One rampant crime of the rich is corruption at all levels, whether it is a government institution or a firm corruption is evident. The rich believe that they can acquire anything or cover up anything through bribery. The rich use money to get money that is individuals will bribe to seal deals in their favor. Corruption locks out innocent persons who are trying to make a genuine living but what hinders them from getting such tenders is that they cannot bribe the tendering officials. One of the nations that are facing high corruption is Kenya where cabinet secretaries and any other official in the government try to outdo each other in the embezzlement of public funds. The worst scenario is that the poor are the majority taxpayers who struggle to make a penny, and yet the very people who are to protect them are the very people who steal from them.
Murder and unusually cold blood murder is what the rich commit and go scot free. The rich can kill to get more money or even to do away with a spouse. Wealthy individuals in the past have come up with devious ways of evading divorce or even the alimony and maintenance charges by killing their husbands or wives. The wealthy individuals can hire hitmen who are from poor backgrounds and are willing to do anything to make a coin so that they can take out their partners because according to them money is everything and it can buy anything. The rich are so good at covering up their crimes than the poor because they happen to have all it takes to block justice. In developing countries such as Rwanda, genocides have been experienced where the rich who want to get in leadership positions promote civil wars leading to mass deaths.
Drug dealing is all over the world and the individuals highly contributing to it are the rich who want to get even richer. Narcotics do more harm to economies because a lot of money is used to fight against them, but rich people use the money to cover up their dealings. High up in the chain are well to do individuals who cannot be directly linked to this illegal trade affecting the world. Below in the string are needy persons who are used as suppliers and as the target market for the drugs. The poor tend to be blamed for the drug trade because they are the ones mostly found in possession, but no one ever wants to think of that wealthy individual who funds the whole process or even that person who puts police officers on their payroll. The rich therefore amass more wealth, but the poor get to carry the burden of drug dealing.
The poor also play a part in crimes of the rich so they can be associated with most crimes. Poor individuals get themselves involved in messes of the rich because they want to make ends meet by any means. The rich know the weakness of the poor, and they use it to their advantage so as to get the poor into all sorts of crime. The poor play a part in corruption because they want to have better living conditions too, and they are willing to part with any amount of money to get any job. The poor people also take bribes from the rich so that they can cover up for their crimes by acting as false witnesses for the rich who are blocking the course of justice.
It can be concluded that the rich commit serious crimes compared to the poor. Whether rich or poor we all have a part to play in crimes by either promoting for justice or blocking the path of truth. The rich initiate most crimes in the society but the poor play a crucial role in supporting these crimes. Whether rich or poor you are entitled to justice and no one should block justice. No matter your social status you are under the law and money can acquire your material things but not happiness or justice.
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