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Crime Scene

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Crime Scene

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

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Crime Scene
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Information that should be listed while collecting evidence is:
Genetic evidence, for example, blood, hair, tissues, and human fluid.
Hidden publish evidence, for example, fingerprints, footprints, and palm prints.
Footwear and tire evidence.
Tool and tool mark evidence.
Weapons evidence.
Drug evidence.
Glass fragments
Digital evidence
The departments in charge of the professional code of ethics include the quality assurance, certification of staff, laboratory accreditation, specialization and scientific standards organizations. The quality assurance emphasizes on the required standards to ensure that crime scene users are comfortable with the reliability and variety of its work product. The organization covers the administrative policies and technical procedures, proficiency testing, documentation of laboratory analysis, security and evidence integrity (Fisher & Fisher, 2012). The crime laboratory accreditation is the scenario of inspection from outside bodies that determine that its physical plant, policies, staff, and work product meet the prescribed standards. The certification of staff is a formal and voluntary process that ensures that the specific professionals meet the experience, peer-based education, and have the standard knowledge required. Different forensic laboratories do not prescribe mandatory certification before casework; however, many are motivated to receive certification as p…

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