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Crime Scene

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Crime Scene

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Murder in the Neighborhood
It happened when a call was made to the police about an emergency that had occurred in the caller’s neighborhood. The address of the location was given, and the police left immediately to attend to the matter. Everyone had crowded around the corpse that lay still on the ground. It was a middle-aged woman that was covered with a light blanket. Upon the arrival of the police, they dispersed the crowd and put boundaries around the bodies. The caller quickly identified herself and explained how she got shocked to see a dead body in the courtyard as she left for work early in the morning. The police looked keenly at the body and saw two bullet wounds on the left side of her chest CITATION Kar07 l 1033 (Karen, 2007). No one had a clue of what had conspired since the victim was known to be a secretive person. However, a tall, dark, well-built man had been seen with her in the previous evening, and he was undoubtedly the victim.
The body was wheeled off in an ambulance, and the crowd was urged to assist in providing any leads to the villain. Her recent credit transactions were checked, and it was found that she had made some payments to the suspect. His address was found in one of the letters she had written to him and the police issued a search warrant for him. His emergency contacts were called, and no one gave a clear report of his whereabouts. The police managed to get his apartment, but they did not find him. The property owner gave them consent to…

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