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More Guns Won’t Make Us Safer
Over the last decade, the United States has witnessed an increasing number of gun-related violence, which has prompted the need for stricter gun control measures. In his article, ‘More guns won’t make us safer’, Rob Tindula produces a logical and, at times, an emotive argument that the pervasive distribution of guns will not improve self-defence but increase the incidence of gun violence in the country. The article was published in The Huffington Post on 13th November 2015 CITATION Tin15 l 2057 (Tindula). It was written for Americans, especially pro-gun rights advocates fighting gun control measures.
The author argues that it is difficult to tell a good gun owner from a bad owner. He puts forward his argument using adjectives such as ‘almost impossible’ and ‘very idealistic’ to convince the reader that one cannot tell a good person from a bad person. He also exaggerates when he says that almost anyone can own a firearm with the current system. He tries to persuade his readers by using the statistical evidence that out of 148 million firearm applicants, only 1.6% have been denied permits CITATION Tin15 l 2057 (Tindula). This way he makes them believe that anyone without prior felony conviction can legally acquire a gun regardless of their intentions. In this argument, the writer assumes that anyone with bad intentions will always acquire a gun to fulfil them, and the law is so inco…

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