Creativity and Energy Make Berlin

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Creativity and Energy Make Berlin

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Creativity and Energy Make Berlin

Berlin City has more to its accolades than the German capital city. According to the research studies carried out by Berlin Investment Bank and IFO, Berlin is poised for greatness through the multiplication of its energy and creativity. In the city, employment is rising after getting a boost from the expanding service sector. The fashion industry, receiving support from tourism and information technology services has brightened up the prospects of Berlin’s businesses.
Contemporary Rise of Berlin
Berlin provides the all-important start-up center for small and medium businesses more than any other city across Europe. The incubation explains the reason it hosts the highest number of such businesses. The rate of new businesses being started in Berlin is 2.8 times that of Munich, thus the phrase, “Berlin Builds Businesses”. Funding for startup businesses is most viable in Berlin with venture capitalists investing up to 133 million euros in 2012, the highest in the region, developing small businesses CITATION Puc15 l 1033 (Puchta, 2015). Little wonder, it has a new internet-based company formed in the city every 20 hours. Fashion and creative arts are special industries that have found home in Berlin. Berlin city boasts of a rich native German culture, compounded by the dynamic cultures of immigrants. It has earned the status of a Show-Hub for German Fashion, and so runs a series of trade fairs and fashion shows. It has a high cadre of young designers supported by high skilled students from the local universities.
Berlin combines Überlebenskünstler, survival artists, and the Lebenskünstler, those who enjoy life, to see a crop of inspirational buzz and energy for designers, photographers, stylists and other fashion industry specialists. However, the markets for fashion artists and other artists listed above can only be secured outside Berlin.
According to the research study by WWD, different dwellers have different opinions on the city. Hermano Silva is the multi-skilled professional who believes in the possibilities in the city. “Berlin to me is a place where everything is possible, creatively,” he said. He sees a new generation of people out to define their niche, through unique lifestyle, quality of life and experimentations in Berlin. Hermano Silva, however, cautions interested people that that Berlins is incomplete, and further transformations are expected.
Martin Niklas Wieser, a 27-year old designer, has built his androgynous men’s wear label working directly with shops. “The young creative scene is booming,” he said. Hermione Flynn, the New Zealand designer who finds Berlin cheaper than London also holds similar views. Though Berlin does not offer market to all its produce, the conglomeration of synergies creates a very vibrant atmosphere for innovation.
Ezra Kinderman and Boris Tankilewitsch, the duo with great passion in masculinity and sports have developed a T-shirt line of products and notes the readily available business help in Berlin compared to other cities like New York. Similarly, David Munk Bogballe, the 31-year old Danish has found a great nursery for his luxury computer parts and sales of traditional craftsmanship skills. To him, te opportunities Berlin offers for startups are globally unique.
Rebecca Sammler and Rebecca Martin, a German and an Australian respectively, have made successful fashion and Alpha Crucis geometric bags respectively. Even the newcomer, Jurica Sertic, who has not found anything meaningful to do, continues to work for Croatian Fashion Week, but find that staying in Berlin easier and more fun filled.

Many you professionals are working individually and separately; they have found the city to have immense opportunities, inspiration, and support. The opportunities summarize the fact that Berlin is the home to many budding businesses, especially in the fashion and creativity industries.

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