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Social Studies – Continuing Transformation
Just like the nation of the United States of America, Andrew Jackson is largely the product of war. He is no stranger to bloodshed, struggle, pain, and servitude. In fact, it pains him to see his nation submit to them presently, even after half a century of independence. However, the fact stands: a war is raging. This peacetime is an illusion. Beneath the tapestry of apparent unity lie tangled webs of factionalism and rivalry, which serve to destroy the peace that the nation so covets. Andrew says that he “was born for the storm, and that the calm does not suit” himCITATION McK13 p “, line 1” l 1033 (McKay and McKay , line 1). And a storm he does see coming.
Who is Andrew Jackson? He is, in simple words, a man self-made. The only surviving member of his family after the war, he rose from poverty and rubble to be a distinguished lawyer, Tennessee’s first congressman, and a judge. He may not have had a proper education, but he does not lack what matters most—courage, leadership, and the support of the people. He knows that he represents not only his state, but the people of AmericaCITATION Dig14 p “, pars. 5-7” l 1033 (Digital History , pars. 5-7).
He knows it is time that the votes of the people counted. “Democratic Republicanism”: that is what he believes in: he believes in the capacity of the people, and of America as…

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