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Creating the Constitution

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Creating the Constitution
The constitution convention
In 1787, the Congress summoned all states in Philadelphia for the reason of reviving the articles of confederation (page 267). The time of summoning only five states had delegates ready for the meeting, and six more states had acted. Delegates from New Hampshire delayed until July while the Rhodes Island remained unsupportive about the idea. Patrick Henry from the state of Virginia was always paranoid of the central government and hence did not show up for representation (page 268). On May 25th, 29 delegates from nine states commenced the work and four months later after deliberations a new federal constitution was drafted, and 39 signed the document except for two members who refused. Those who created the draft were relatively young with an average age of 42 years. Most of them had survived the American Revolution and had practical experience. They were lawyers, political philosophers, bankers and some were merchants. In all the deliberation, although he was a rare participant in the debating process, George Washington was the presiding officer. Benjamin Franklin was the oldest member but spoke very little (page 268).
Drafting the constitution
Benjamin Franklin spoke very little from the floor but with his vast experience in the political world he was very resourceful. In the group James Madison and Elbridge Gerry, who was the member with the most prowess in matters…

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