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Create Video Marketing Campaign for a Product

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Create Video Marketing Campaign for a Product

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Ariel is a company that deals with the production of washing powders and detergents. The main products produced by the company are washing powder, washing liquid and washing gel. Customers should buy Ariel detergents because they meet their cleaning needs. Ariel washing detergent removes stains in one wash. The ingredients used in the manufacture of Ariel products do not harm the customers and ensures that clothes do not fade. Unlike other detergents in the market that are expensive and do not remove stains in one wash, Ariel sells at a cheaper price and removes stains faster and in one wash.

The main content of the series will consist of the stain removal capabilities of Ariel, gentleness on the skin, the little amount required and the retail price. The goal of every detergent brand is to clean clothes. Having a better knowledge of the motivation of the customers will help the company to win them over (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker & Brennan, 2015). The series will aim at motivating the consumers to buy Ariel products for their household use.
Incorporating social media in the marketing of products is important. This is because the majority of the current population use social media hence making it easier to reach them. The targeted communities are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. The company also added sharing buttons on the website and followed button in their marketing emails. This will helps it to e…

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