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Couseling Psychology revision

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Couseling Psychology revision

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: High School

Pages: 3

Words: 825

Application of Psychology in Counseling
Application of Psychology in Counseling
When dealing with a serious problem it is important for a counselor not only to concentrate on the symptoms but also the underlying causes of the problem. A client may visit a crisis pregnancy center although there are many other aspects to her case other than pregnancy. The reasons for a particular psychological problem are in many cases complex and varied; they, however, need to be understood by both the counselor and the client if at all a lasting solution is to be achieved.
Rosemary’s difficult transition to new job and suicidal thoughts
At the age of 27 and in her newly found job, Rosemary experienced a crisis during the last days of the month, Rosemary was aware of her poor work progress. Her unrelieved sadness worsened, and she started having the occasional suicidal thoughts she had been having in the past. Although Rosemary knew she needed to finish some project that weekend she made a four-hour drive to a shanty town to drink all alone. Faced with this distress, Rosemary considered dropping the job but her aunt encouraged her to talk to a counselor.
The counselor realized that Rosemary had been a troubled young lady for quite some time. Rosemary confessed that she had felt inferior and depressed since childhood. Rosemary was sexually abused as a child by her Mother’s boyfriend, later in life she was sexually and physically abused by her husband. She was …

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