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Occupational Therapy

Most Impactful Event in the Occupational Therapy (OT) Profession in the Past 100 Years
Occupational therapy profession has played a critical part in the lives of many people in the past 100 years. The most impactful event in the OT profession in the past 100 years is the ability for occupational therapy practitioners to assist many children to acquire education. Additionally, it has enabled relearning of life skills wiped out due to injury or illness. Furthermore, the OT has significantly contributed to supporting individuals with mental ailments as they shifted from organizations to societies. It has also helped aged persons in their quest for better services.
Therefore, the past century has focused on creating a familiar, necessary, and meaningful life for many people. The OT practitioners have concentrated on assisting clients to conduct daily actions to their utmost potential. For instance, it assists babies in NICU acquire life skills such as how to swallow, breathe, and feed so that they can survive.
The Centennial Vision and Direction with Vision 2025
I support the centennial vision and direction with vision 2025 because it seeks to empower occupational therapy practitioners. In this regard, it will require the OT specialists to embrace leadership roles in the delivery systems of health care. Moreover, they will be needed to be dynamic in policymaking and to apply technology to offer services. The fo…

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