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Counseling Clients Considering Abortion

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Counseling Clients Considering Abortion

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Social Work

Level: College

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Counseling Clients Considering Abortion
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Counseling Clients Considering Abortion
Ideally, a wider range of factors influences the decision on whether or not to procure abortions. Irrespective of individual’s position on the issue, it is believed that the implication of abortion on one’s life makes one contemplate many factors. Therefore, the study examines the influence of education background, cultural values, physical health as well as predictions about long and short-term consequences of abortion.
Section 1
Observably, studies by the American Counseling Association (2014) show that various factors dictate decisions on abortion. Firstly, it is realized that cultural values stand better chances of influencing the decisions reached on abortion. For instances, in societies where the minors are not allowed to have children, one would be forced to procure an abortion. Indeed, the force behind abortion would be influenced by the need to protect the societal norms and integrity (Röhrs, 2017).
Secondly, physical health is a contributing factor in the decisions to perform an abortion. In many cases, individuals whose health cannot sustain pregnancy up to the delivery time might have no option but to procure an abortion. Notably, where the pregnancy puts the life of the parent at risk, an abortion would be recommended to save the life of the mother from the danger that might come on delivery time. Here,…

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