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Corrections and the Death Row inmate

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Corrections and the Death Row inmate

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

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Corrections and the Death Row inmate
This paper answers questions about the death row inmate in the United States, the international opinion on the death penalty, programs for the betterment of inmates in the US, and the current challenges facing corrections in the country.
Death row inmates in the United States and international opinion on death penalty
As of 2011, of the total number of inmates on death row in the United States, 55% were white, and 42% were black. Males constituted 98% of the total death row inmate population. 86% were of non-Hispanic origin, with the rest 14% accounting for the Hispanic population CITATION Bar11 l 16393 (Bartollas & Siegel, 2011).
Contrary to popular belief, most inmates on death row do not exhibit violence of any kind. However, a large number of them belong to a traumatic or abusive background, familial disruption, and substance abuse. Psychological disorders among these inmates are also common, with the conditions exacerbating due to the stringent policies of incarceration CITATION Bar11 l 16393 (Bartollas & Siegel, 2011).
The opinion about the death penalty has changed drastically over the years. In 1978, 66% of the American population alone opposed the death penalty CITATION Bar11 l 16393 (Bartollas & Siegel, 2011). While countries around the world are not averse to the idea, most of them have started opting for alternatives and seeking abolishment of capital punishment. In fact, according to the Article 2 of the ICCPR, …

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