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Cornucopian Theory and Malthusianism Theory

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Introduction to Cornucopian Theory and Malthusianism Theory
The continued growth in human population and the pressure it exerts on the available natural resources attracts different theories to explain how the pressure on environmental resources can reduce. The Malthusian and the Cornucopian philosophies present important factors that need to be considered to create a healthy living environment across the globe. This paper compares these two theories and explains their usability in explaining sustainability in the modern day environment.
Comparing Cornucopian Theory and Malthusianism Theory
The tradeoff between resource availability and the world human population growth is a factor that has attracted a lot of attention. Some people believe that the natural ecosystems and interactions of living things therein is sufficient in checking the growth rate of the human population at the optimal levels, in such a way that they cannot overexploit resources. Also, human beings have the capability to invent, innovate, create alternatives and use technology to ensure that they get whatever they need from what is available. This is the optimistic Cornucopian theory of population check. Another philosophy believes that human population’s growth should be checked, controlled through restraints and birth control methods as a way of preserving the use of the available environmental resources, at optimal use levels. If not checked, the human population can overgrow the world resources, leadi…

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