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Core Competencies for Nurses

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Core Competencies for Nurses

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Core Competencies for Nurses
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Core Competencies for Nurses
From the quality safety education for nurses (QSEN) website, six key issues are enhanced. First, there is patient-centered care as a doctrine that seeks to ensure nurses consider the plight of patients to be the key reason why their service is required. Secondly, the website talks about teamwork and collaboration where nurses are taught to be dependent on others to make service delivery better. The other issues of concern are evidence-based practice, quality improvement, safety and informatics (QSEN Competencies, 2018). Each of these issues is applicable in the emergency room, but safety, and collaboration and teamwork are most important.
In light of these lessons, it is incumbent upon every department in a hospital to find creative ways of incorporating the concepts studied under core competencies for nurses into practice. For instance, as a nurse in the emergency room, I must ensure that patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration and safety skills, knowledge and attitudes are well enhanced.
First and foremost, it practical to note that emergency cases come with a lot of insecurity especially from the family and friends. Thus, communication and the use of technology are essential for helping avert any form of conflict between the healthcare team, and family and friends of the patient. On the same note, EBP should be the guiding doctrine for a nurse in an emergency situ…

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