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copy and paste literature review

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copy and paste literature review

Category: Article Review

Subcategory: Management

Level: College

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The Use of Copy & Paste Functionality in Electronic Health Records
Student’s name
This study examines the current trend in the use of copy and paste function of patient’s data within an organization. The paper will cover a detailed examination of the use of copy and paste in importing electronic health data information. This report will offer more insight into this problem and highlight the consequence that may arise from the use of copy and paste functionality in electronic health records. The study also shows how the use of this functionality affects the integrity of the patient’s information and as well jeopardizes the functionality of the health organization in offering healthcare services. Lastly as suggested by Jamshed, Ozair, Sharma, & Aggarwal (2015), the report suggests that there is a need for the management to put into place a system that has zero tolerance on the unethical handling of electronic health records. The management should also set into place an internal control system in the organization that strictly discourage its use, and if allowed its application should be monitored.

The Use of Copy & Paste Functionality in Electronic Health Records
Literature review
Adoption of electronic data management system in the health care was not only meant to increase the efficiency of service delivery but also to ensure high level privacy of the patient’s information (Weis & Levis, 2014). Though the use of technology i…

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