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convicted murderer Timothy McVeigh.

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Timothy McVeigh: Case and Trial
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Timothy McVeigh: Case and Trial
This paper presents the facts and findings of the trial and case of the Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh, who detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995, in Oklahoma. The bombing killed 168 people, injured over 600, and maimed several others. McVeigh was caught over an hour later near the Kansas border, brought to trial, and sentenced to death two years later on June 13, 1997.
Key facts and Critical Issues
To this day, the Oklahoma bombing remains the worst act of domestic terrorism in the United States. In fact, McVeigh’s trial was opened by Prosecutor Joseph Hartzler reminding the jury and the attendees of how the bombing had cost the lives of not only adults, but children and infants as well CITATION Lin06 l 1033 (Linder D. O., 2006 ).
Unlike most acts of terrorism, the Oklahoma bombing was not meant to make a statement: it was a rebellion by McVeigh against the ‘tyrannous’ government of the United States. The primary question in the case was this: how did a glorified member of the United States army become so hateful of his own government? Additionally, as McVeigh’s lead defense attorney, Stephen Jones, mentioned in his book, Others Unknown: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy, was the bombing really a one-man act, or a cover up for others while implicating only his client, that is, McVei…

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