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Contruct an argument that comments on race relations in the United States today.

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Student’s NameInstructorCourse NumberDateRace Relations in America Today
Do you think racism is something of the past in America today? If your answer to this question is YES, then you are as ignorant as the American society. Many Americans, like play pretending. They all believe in the virtue and the purity of the country. Americans believe that they set the standards for the world. To prove this phenomenon, interracial marriages are legal. The president of America is also African America. The last point that makes Americans believe this is also the American dream that states that anyone irrespective of color can become what they want. It is true that as a country we have come from far. Racism, however, is still a major challenge currently. It is in the urban as well as the suburban areas. A lot therefore still need to be done to help eradicate racism from our society. As such, this paper argues about the race relations in America today.
In the newspapers, we read about the police using a lot of power or violence against the minorities. There are also very heated debates when it comes to matters of controlling immigration. The urban populations in many large cities are also highly segregated. What is the reason for segregation if there was no racism? Alexander (12) asserts that currently racism has changed its form. The racism currently is in covert form instead of the initial overt form. He says that is in overt form because racism is now being stigmatized. Racism, ther…

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