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Contrast the eternal values of pagan culture(heroism) in Gilgamesh vs. the internal values as seen in the “Sermon on the Mount” in Matthew (NT).

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Contrast the eternal values of pagan culture in Gilgamesh vs. the internal values as seen in the “sermon on the mountain.”
Paganism is a syndicate of people who are in a religion and have a common belief based on traditions and reverence in the natural. Hinduism is one example. Hinduism has no founder, not even the scripture to base their belief on or argue out. Sermon on the mountains had a set of characters and behavior that was right before God (Charles 67). The information meant that humans had to trust and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ about the Kingdom of God. The pagans believe in the natural world and embrace what situations and life bring across their world. It is also worthy to note that on one hand, others take it as a spiritual pathway and, on the other hand, they take it as a religion meant to bring together the long dead ancestral spirits and the current world of the living (James and Peterson 99). The Pagans know too well that many in the world need to be spiritually nourished to connect to the natural world. In fact, to them it is all about the world and spiritual connection to the ancestor. The pagan community has traditions and a lot that they adore ranging from Sacred Ecologists and Witches as well. Witchcraft to them is a common practice, and that is the reason people associate them with the dark side of life. Some simply say they are witches who do not pay tribute to God but their gods (Higginbotham, Joyce and Higginbot…

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