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Contextual analysis on The storm

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Contextual Analysis of Storm by Chopin
The primary hallmark that many writers employ in their work is the ability to ensure readers empathize with the characters in the story. This aspect entrenches even beyond the reader’s connection with the characters as well as their understanding of characters. It is because when users get involved in empathizing with the characters, they tend to relate to them. Ideally, when readers can feel the same pain, the characters in the story feel then it is true that the author or poet has attained something special in their work. Looking at the short story “the storm” written by Kate Chopin, one can conceptualize outrageous emotional conflict that get conveyed in few words. In a story of few pages long, Kate is in a position to tell an interesting story of a woman wavering between two men. The author employs the use of storm as her primary symbol and possesses great language use to describe vividly the characters emotions. The author displays her ability to explain her characters feelings through language rather than employing emotions.
The short story takes place precisely in a comparatively small town within Louisiana. This place is where all the characters reside (Krauss and Chopin 234). A small portion of the story is carried out at Friedheimer’s store; this is Alcée’s house, as well as the place where Clarisse is residing. In the sto…

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