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Consumer Goods Marketing Intelligence Report

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Consumer Goods Marketing Intelligence Report

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Marketing

Level: College

Pages: 11

Words: 3025

Consumer Goods Marketing Intelligence Report
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Executive Summary
The research purposes to analyse market demand for Instant Hand Sanitizer, a personal hygiene product manufactured by Averex Chemicals, Malaysia. Averex Chemicals is a Malaysian Company specializing in the production of personal hygiene products. The company has three brands; Hycare which focuses on food hygiene and sanitation, IDEX which focuses on total commercial hygiene, and Altimax which provides a range of industrial cleaning and surface treating solutions. Integrating marketing intelligence, significant research is carried out for the purpose of identifying the marketability and market position of Instant Hand Sanitizer. The project evaluates consumer buying trends and analyses key segments, distributors and intermediaries. The report also analyses relevant data with the intention of predicting specific segments in which the company should devote more resources. The rationale for this strategy is that the flaws from one method are often the strengths of the other. A qualitative research use two sets of questionnaires with the combination being prefers as it gives a complete picture with regards to the aspect of market intelligence. Qualitative research, being both exploratory and descriptive focuses on participants’ frame of reference and perspectives. The study uses a series of semi-structured interviews to elicit valuable insights on the marketi…

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