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Constantinople’s Hagia Sophia

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Constantinople’s Hagia Sophia

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The church of Hagia Sophia
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The architecture of the Byzantine Empire was a blend of the prior Greek and Roman style with Asian/Oriental impacts. It frequently utilized a huge dome set on a square base rather than a vaulted roof. Adjusted curves and towers additionally were basic components on Byzantine structures. Blocks of diverse hues were every now and again utilized on the outside of the structure and organized with the goal that they showed up as groups or in complex examples. The interior of Hagia Sophia was framed with exorbitant hued marbles and fancy stone decorates. Beautiful marble segments were taken from ancient structures and reused to bolster the interior arcades.
The central part of this third and last form of Hagia Sophia was composed as a rectangle 250 feet long and 220 feet wide. At the center of this was a square. One hundred and eighty feet over the square was an enormous dome. At over a hundred feet crosswise over it was by a long shot the biggest dome ever developed at the time and frequently contrasted with the vault of heaven itself. The dome was bolstered by four colossal segments at the edges of the square. At the east and west closures of the rectangle the roofs comprised of two half domes that inclined in toward the principle dome giving it support. Thus, at every end of the building other littler half domes inclined in on the sides of the east and west half domes holding them in position. At t…

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