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Considering your lifetime goals, discuss how your current and future academic and extra-curricular activities might help you achieve your goals.

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My Lifetime Goals
I have numerous lifetime objectives that I intend to accomplish in my everyday life exercises. The goals include being among the best-disciplined army and one who is very strong and successfully get distinctions in the AP classes that I am taking. On the same note, I have a goal of building my interests in band and jazz band since it has been my hobby since my childhood to play jazz bands. Hence, this paper shall examine how my present and future scholarly and additional curricular exercises might help me to accomplish the objectives that I have set.
My present scholastic and additional curricular exercises have created self-control in my everyday operations. Therefore, this has added value to the level of obedience and discipline that I display in the Army territories. On the same note, the extra-curriculum activities that I do engage myself in have helped to be a hardworking man in all areas of my specialization. Hence, this has made me to label laziness as one of my worst enemies in today’s world. Therefore, the virtue of hardworking might be very significant in achieving my goal of being top in the AP classes that I take.
Similarly, the extra-curricular activities and my current and future academic might play a very significant role in helping me master the steps and guidelines that are necessary for the upkeep of my band and jazz band usage. The extra-curricular activities shall help me develop the urge …

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