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Conservation of water in California

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Sources Replacement
1. Original: George Graybill,. Water conservation: Climate change. New York: Routledge, 2009. Print.
Replacement: Center for Justice, Water Conservation: Climate Change, 2009
HYPERLINK “http://cforjustice.org/2011/09/21/water-conservation-and-climate-change/” http://cforjustice.org/2011/09/21/water-conservation-and-climate-change/
2. Original: Gray, D.E. Water conservation. Cambridge: Oxford Universty Press, 2011. Print.Replacement: David Zetland, The End of Abundance: Economics Solutions to Water Scarcity, 2011
3. Original: Lovett, Ian. “The New York Times.” 27 August 2015. U.S: California Beats Water Conservation Goal for 2nd Straight Month. Web. 10 October 2015.
Replacement: 2. Gayle Olson, Discussion Guides – California’s Water Policies: Who controls, distributes, and consumes this scarce resource? 2015
4. Original: United States Bureau of Reclamation. “Water Conservation Field Services Program: Overview 2014.” (2014): 2-17. Print.
Replacement: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Agricultural Water Conservation and Efficiency Potential in California, 2014
5. Original: U.S Soil and Water Conservation Society, “Water and Soil Conservation.” Journal of soil and water conservation. (2014): 2-67. Print.
Replacement: U.S Soil and Water Conservation Society, Water and Soil Conservation Journal of soil …

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