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Congress and the Presidency

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Congress and the Presidency

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

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Words: 275

Congress and President
What are the major duties of Congress in the American system? How does Congress go about fulfilling these duties?
According to the constitution of America, the Congress has two major duties. They include ensuring accountability through oversight of other arms of government and legislative activities. In relation to legislation, the Congress is responsible for making laws that benefit the citizens (“The white house”). The Congress does its oversight role by conducting hearings and investigation through its committee. On the other hand, they undertake debate and vote to create good laws.
What are the qualifications, terms, and duties of Senators and Representatives? What accounts for any discrepancies between the two?
According to the US constitution, members of the house of representative are subjected to an election at the end of the two-year term. For one to participate, they should be above the age of 25 years and a US citizen for a minimum of seven years. Also the candidate should be a resident the state of jurisdiction. Members of the house of representative have certain exclusive functions. They vote to break a tie in a presidential contest, they debate and vote on revenue bill and remove unqualified federal officials from office (“The white house”). On the other hand, the Senate is elected every six years through a vote. However, in order to qualify to become a member of senate, one must be above the…

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