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Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Health

Level: College

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Conflict Resolution
In a corporate setting, conflict is inevitable. All participants are affected by the effects of the conflict. Conflict comes about when two or more individuals, groups in an organization make demands.
This particular scene involves four individuals: the employee, his department supervisor, the human resource and payroll supervisor and their Manager.
George Mann was the supervisor in charge at the time the employee left. Thus, his argument should be that this conflict should be resolved at the lowest organizational level as possible. He and the respective employee are the ones who are aware of the facts since they are the immediate parties who communicated directly. Participants should be limited so that an agreement on the solution can be easily obtained. Involvement of top level management only adds undue pressure to the problem at hand. He acknowledged the existence of this conflict and was ready to have an open conversation to resolve the issue.
Sally is an indirect participant, but her argument is valid since an employee should be aware of the set rules or policies of the hospital. The employee thus should accept sally’s point of him not to be paid for those two hours since he didn’t properly follow the guidelines and punched off. Both the hospital and its employees have a high role of responsibility to provide services without any unnecessary interruptions. The respective employee and department supervisor should recognize their mutual obligation and that they have the policy to follow and to promote the mutual interest of the hospital and its employees.
As the CEO, his involvement brings about a bias situation. Thus, he comes to a quick decision since it’s his role to analyze the situation in a relatively objective manner. The manager should deal with the conflict more positively and easily.
To avoid such conflicts in future, there should be a set arena where conflicts will be dealt with under mutual respect. All parties should maintain cooperation and promote harmony between the hospital and its employees.
Rules and obligations should be set up as they serve to limit the negative energy brought about by the conflict process. Top management resources should be reserved only for critical issues.
Finally, development of an accessible, safe environment that tends to create a sense of security and thus preventing problems from becoming diffuse.

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